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5 Jul

I’ve been recently thinking about the movie/book The Secret and how if you supposedly send out positive energy into the universe, positive things come your way. That’s a nice thought to think about except it apparently works the other way as well. If you give off negative energy, negative things happen. Which is sort of discouraging since I feel like that then puts you in a never ending circle of bad karma. Nothing says “be happy!” like the pressure of the universe waiting to put bad shit in your life. But lately I feel like all I’ve been is negative. Maybe it’s because I’m at this weird in between stage in my life where I want to travel everywhere but I don’t want to work. And I want to get out and live on my own but I don’t wanna leave my family. And I want to meet someone I actually have a connection with but I don’t want to settle down. I barely know what I want and I don’t know how to accomplish the things I’m positive about. Maybe I need to start meditating or something, channel some of the positive energy everyone keeps raving about as if it’s something that’s actually tangible. It’s a relief to look at “The Secret” as a bunch of bull when I feel negative but it’s a nice thought to think I could get this positive ball rolling if I could just get out of this rut. I really need to figure out how to change things up before I lose it.